Grape, Black Cherry, and Caramel with syrupy body.

"F1" isn't a specific variety but rather the term for an early generation of a new
hybrid variety. The Aguilera Brothers are working on Catimor varietals (Caturra x Timor Hybrid), and we are excited to see future generations of their work going into disease-resistant strains to improve sustainability. 

This cup, you can expect notes of grape, black cherry, and caramel with syrupy body. The sweetness lingers on the tongue leaving you with disinct naturally fermented notes. The balance of clean cup and fermentation characteristics is the highlight of this coffee. 

The Aguilera Brothers are a set of Cup of Excellence-winning siblings who carry on their long time family tradition by working together to plant, pick, and process coffees from their combined 60 hectares of farmland: Their father was one of the first to plant coffee in this area in the 1940s. The 12 Aguilera brothers and sisters divide the work among themselves, with two of the brothers, Felipe and Erasmo, overseeing most of the mill operation as well as the drying areas.

340g coffee beans